Surviving the two week wait

If you have been trying to conceive for a while you will know that surviving the 2 week wait between ovulation and your period is no mean feat! Perhaps you have undergone a medicated cycle such as IUI or IVF/FET. Each day you maybe monitoring your body for signs or symptoms that you may-be pregnant, or if you’re like me, testing every day in the hope that the line that you can’t see is really there when you go to hold it up to the light.  People advise you just not to think or obsess about it, anyone that has been through it knows that that is virtually impossible.

Most things in life we have an element of control over from what time we wake up, what we choose to do all day, whom we choose to spend time with and how we spend our money. We don’t however have any control over the 2 week wait, or do we?

When I was trying for my first baby I realised that actually gaining some control back from the disease that is infertility may just help me get pregnant, here’s how:

Positive thoughts:  The mind is a very powerful organ, if you convince the mind of something often the body will follow.  Instead of thinking you may not be pregnant, how about trying to change those thoughts to “one day I will be pregnant and I’m doing everything that I can to achieve it.” Remember the mind cannot tell the difference between a real life event and a vividly imagined one.

Talk to someone: Infertility can be a very lonely journey and one that you do not have to suffer alone. Try to join an online support group, like Infertility Berkshire or Fertility Friends, there are many secret groups available if you are worried that online friends may find out.  Infertility Network UK offers face to face support groups in many areas around the country that are free and confidential.  Do you have a friend or a family member that you can confined in?

Meditate: In our frantic modern world, meditation is becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to relax, de-stress, accelerate their spiritual development and enhance their quality of life. It’s really no surprise that meditation is becoming so common nowadays, as it has so many positive benefits to offer. Guided meditations help you to vividly imagine positive experiences that represent, either directly or symbolically, whatever changes you wish to express in your life. Download guided fertility mediation and listen to it every evening during the 2 week wait.

Visualise: Would it be so harmful to visualise yourself being pregnant or giving birth to a child? Remember that convincing the mind may just convince the body. Positive visualisation is extremely powerful and effective.

Feel in control: Feel in control of the 2 week wait by doing what you can to help things along, eat really well, drink plenty of water, take your prenatal vitamins , do some light exercise like fertility Yoga or go for a nice walk. By doing everything you can to ensure you are healthy you will be gaining some control back.

Trust in your body: If you carry doubt, shame or emotional baggage surrounding your body and its ability to carry to term, how can you expect to get pregnant? Be open and receptive to change your thought patterns about yourself and what you believe about what you deserve in life. Negative thought patterns shut down healthy circulation, while altering hormonal balance.

Complementary Therapies: Therapies such as Reflexology and Acupuncture will restore balance to both your mind and your body.   Find a fertility specialist in your area.

Be kind to yourself: Treat yourself, do things that you really enjoy doing, like pamper sessions at home or in a salon, warm relaxing baths or cooking lovely meals for your loved ones.

Talk to your partner: Spend time talking to your partner about how you are both feeling, often the 2 week wait can be a long one for them as well. Coming together and talking through problems will make you both stronger as a couple.

Write it down: It’s really hard not to think about the 2 week wait particularly in the 2nd week, when you may be experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Allow yourself 15 minutes a day to think about your fertility frustrations, perhaps get them down on paper, and once you’ve had your 15 minutes go and do something you really enjoy doing.

Start a project: Start a project which demands your attention and focus. Nothing keeps the mind on track like being physically and mentally active.

Nearly everyone has to make it through the two-week wait at some point on their infertility journey, so take solace in knowing you’re not alone in how you feel as you get through each day. Hopefully with these tips, the wait will fly by a little faster