Support Groups

support group

Support Groups

Those that have suffered the pain of sub fertility will know that sometimes friends and family have the very best intentions but often find it difficult to be supportive. With the stress of fertility issues being likened to that of severe depression, heart disease or cancer, online and face to face support groups can be a lifeline for many.

Being with a group of people that understand what you are going through can be of great comfort, and for some it’s the only time they will discuss fertility issues openly without the fear of judgement from others.

The Natural Fertility Clinic run a free face to face support group every couple of months and provide a safe and comforting environment where people can discuss their issues but only if they want to. Some people come just to listen, others come to feel less alone.
It’s a place where people can share stories, help others that may be at the beginning of their journey and more importantly it’s a place where they no longer feel isolated.

We often provide guest speakers to give useful and practical advice, such as nutritionists or mindfulness experts. We teach relaxation exercises and positive visualizations.

We find that both sexes really benefit from having a place to talk openly without the fear of judgement or pity. In our experience we have found that men may not open up at all to friends and family, the support group provides an ideal environment to allow them to express feelings and emotions. In fact when we turn the lights out after several hours, it’s often the men that are the last to leave!

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