If you are considering having IVF or have had one or more unsuccessful attempts at IVF it may be wise to look at alternatives and going abroad may be a great option to investigate.

The Natural Fertility Clinic are very privileged to partner with one of the leading IVF clinics and IVF Consultants in Athens, Greece.  We have worked alongside this Consultant Gynaecologist in the UK for many years, working collaboratively with him and supporting numerous patients. He is an accredited subspecialist in reproductive medicine and surgery by The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London. He was the Medical Director of a leading IVF clinic in the UK and now works from one of the largest private hospitals in Athens.

The Athens Clinic shares our ethos of empowering the patient and by using a unique approach of both medical and holistic values we are able to provide the very best care from preconception to birth.


So, what are the benefits of choosing to have your IVF with our partner clinic in Athens?

  • Free Initial SKYPE consultation with one of the most highly respected Consultant Gynaecologists in Europe. Up to 2 hrs.
  • Very clear pricing structure from the outset. No hidden costs. A very cost-effective alternative to UK clinics.
  • Hidden Infection testing as standard.
  • Sperm test as standard.
  • Advice on further testing such as Immunology and DNA fragmentation if required.
  • Daily monitoring at no extra cost. (You will be scanned daily to ensure you are on the correct dose of medication to get the best out of your IVF). If you require a blood test this is also included in the cost.
  • ICSI as standard (no additional cost).
  • 24 Hrs\ 7 days a week access to your consultant via telephone and email.

Here’s what our patients say:-

“I feel like I have been on a retreat. I feel cared for, listened to and nurtured. The consultant was very empathetic throughout my treatment. The care I received was second to none and saw the same consultant and nurse”

“The consultant was passionate and had incredible insight into why I was unable to conceive naturally. For the first time I was treated as an individual in an unrushed and sensitive manner”

“When I had a pain late in the evening I was able to phone my consultant. This made me feel so reassured and looked after”

“The consultant is just the nicest person ever, he was so helpful and informative and is the first doctor that I’ve talked to that made me feel hopeful!”

To book in for your initial FREE Skype consultation, please contact us   today on 07796 557921