For some couples pregnancy can take a little longer to achieve and assisted reproduction treatment may be required.

Whatever your fertility treatment, an individual treatment plan will be tailored to suit you.

Many couples are now seeking acupuncture for IVF 
treatment throughout their IVF cycles and research has demonstrated that acupuncture before and after embryo transfer can increase the chances of success.

An initial consultation should be booked prior to embarking on an IVF cycle, so that an individual treatment plan can be tailored to suit your protocol.

We offer a comprehensive service allowing patients to receive acupuncture seven days a week (Sundays and bank holidays for embryo transfer only). We ensure that we can always see patients around embryo transfer and run a flexible system that allows this to be arranged at short notice.

How acupuncture for IVF works

The Natural Fertility Clinic look at the IVF journey in three ways.

  • Preparing the body and mind for an IVF cycle

When patients make adequate preparations around 3 months prior to the IVF treatment commencing, their chances of early stage success improves dramatically.  However a patient can start having acupuncture for IVF at any time during their IVF protocal. It is a common occurrence for patients to notice immediate benefits after a treatment and often comment on various health related improvements such as their increased sense of wellbeing, greater energy levels, improved regulation of body temperature, quality and duration of sleep and a marked decrease in pain levels. Over a course of treatments, patients often report positive changes to their monthly cycles, a decrease in stress levels and greater sense of empowerment.

For a couple beginning the assisted conception journey it is our experience that those who make lifestyle changes, begin complementary therapy and join appropriate support groups have the optimum toolset in which to equip themselves for the best chances of success. As previously mentioned, mental and physical wellbeing is of paramount importance for preparing a patient for what is an often traumatic physical and emotional experience.

At the Natural Fertility Clinic we welcome patients at any time during the IVF process, however we do believe that preparing the body and mind 3 months prior to IVF can increase success rates.  We offer a comprehensive plan to help you be as healthy as you can be leading up to your IVF. We will advise you what diet and lifestyle changes you could make, what supplements could help improve your sperm and egg health and what complementary therapies would suit you best.

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  • Treating through the IVF cycle

During a typical IVF process, we treat a patient throughout a long or short protocol at various times during the process. Our treatments follow IVF protocols however our patients are treated on an individual basis according to his or her needs. Our treatments are adaptable depending on how each patient reacts to the process.

We prefer to see our clients weekly. We will treat following our protocols for both fertility reflexology and acupuncture for IVF which have been developed to align to the drugs being received by the patient (down regulation, stimulation and pre/post transfer) At this time, we provide lots of care and support to our patients.

  • Treating after the IVF cycle

Clients that enjoy a successful outcome often continue treatment throughout their pregnancy (every 6-8 weeks) to maintain their overall wellbeing. Those patients that are unsuccessful in their attempt to become pregnant are better equipped (physically and emotionally) to deal with the loss, have their therapist to confide in (we continue to treat them post loss) and are usually ready to restart the process sooner than someone who has not had the benefit of complementary treatments.

Acupuncture for IVF


"Our dedicated team of  IVF Fertility Acupuncturists based from our three treatment rooms in Wokingham, Oxford Fertility and Thames Valley Fertility will provide specialised support, expert treatment and exceptional care".