The Natural Fertility Clinic provides  a supportive network of therapists that believe that there is a place for combining and working alongside western medicine. This complementary approach enables us to assist people in their conception journey,whether it is a natural or medically assisted one.

We believe that every couples conception journey is individual. We offer a unique and personable service that will both empower you and support you.

After we have completed our initial fertility assessment, it enables us to provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Our integrated and supportive approach of combining reflexology, massage and acupuncture provides our patients with both the emotional and physical  support, enabling you to take control of your own fertility.

“Infertility can impact the body both physically and emotionally”


Suddenly your life which may have been well planned and successful seems out of control. You go from living day to day to month to month. Cycles of hope and disappointment which revolve around menstruation and ovulation. Emotions can range from sorrow, anger, frustration to a deep depression which erodes your self-confidence and puts strain on relationships and friendships. You may feel completely isolated.

The Natural Fertility Clinic team do not underestimate the stress caused by infertility and how it can significantly impact your fertility journey. We are here to support you and take your fertility as seriously as you do.