Fertility Consultation

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We provide support, advice and understanding on your fertility journey, whether it is natural or assisted.

It can be difficult to know which therapy to choose. We can help you decide what is right for you. We bring together some of the most successful complementary therapies under one dedicated team. Our combination of eastern and western approaches to fertility provides you with an unique opportunity to benefit holistically.

We can help in your fertility journey even if :-

  • IVF was unsuccessful
  • You do not ovulate
  • Your hormones are out of balance
  • You have been told the odds are against you because of endometriosis, PCOS, low ovarian reserve, high FSH, low AMH or Fibroids.

We want you to feel empowered and in control every step of the way.

Choose from our dedicated team who offer :-

* Acupuncture * Reflexology * Hypnotherapy *   Nutrition * Herbs

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Fertility Consultation – How does it work?

The goal of the fertility consultation is to not only teach you how to understand and communicate with your body, but also provide you with an action plan of how to make changes to your current lifestyle in order to maximise your chances of natural conception.

Consultations will enable you to feel empowered and more in control, rather than feeling that conception is a month-by-month battle.


Fertility Reflexology Training Course


We cover:-

  • A detailed medical history including fertility history.
  • A detailed nutritional assessment looking at antioxidant capacity and nutritional deficiencies and providing advice on how to improve it.
  • How your lifestyle maybe affecting your fertility.
  • Any blood tests and scans analysed.
  • Advice on further tests to request from the doctor.



What happens :-

  • A detailed fertility consultation will be carried out at our treatment rooms ( 90-120 minutes).
  • After the consultation (normally within 72 hours ) we will provide you with your own unique Fertility Action Plan, Nutritional Assessment, Help Sheets, and Recipe Ideas full of recommendations, advice and changes to help enhance your chances of conceiving.
  • Holistic recommendations such as Reflexology, Abdominal Massage and Acupuncture. Providing you with emotional, physical and structural support enabling you to take control of your own fertility.

Charting Consultation – How does it work?


We teach you to understand your monthly cycle through the Basal temperature method (and other ovulation symptoms such as cervical mucus) which is proven to be the only scientifically accurate way to determine whether or not ovulation has occurred.


basal chart

We cover:-

  • What is Body basal charting.
  • How to track your own cycle to enhance your chances of conception.
  • Why cervical mucus patterns are so important.
  • How the cervix position can tell you a lot about your fertility.
  • How to identify your own fertility signs.

What happens :-

  • Charting consultations are carried out at our treatment room or in your own home ( appointments are around 60 minutes long).
  • After the charting consultation you will get  3-month support via phone, text and email and your charts analysed.
  • Holistic recommendations such as Reflexology, Acupuncture and Abdominal Massage. Providing you with emotional, physical and structural support enabling you to take control of your own fertility.


  • Fertility Consultation available at £90 for an individual or £120 for a couple ( 90 – 120 minutes includes detailed nutritional analysis)
  • Charting Consultation  available at £50 ( 60 minutes) 
  • Follow up appointments £45 ( 60 minutes)

If you would like to discuss a fertility consultation or charting workshop in more detail, please contact us.