Fertility Acupuncture Milton Keynes


Fertility Acupuncture in Milton Keynes

For some couples pregnancy can take a little longer to achieve and assisted reproduction treatment may be required. We offer Fertility Acupuncture and Reflexology to those trying both naturally and via assisted conception.

Whatever your fertility treatment, an individual treatment plan will be tailored to suit you.

Many couples are now seeking acupuncture
treatment throughout their IVF cycles and research has demonstrated that acupuncture before and after embryo transfer can increase the chances of success.

An initial consultation should be booked prior to embarking on an IVF cycle, so that an individual treatment plan can be tailored to suit your protocol.

We offer a comprehensive service allowing patients to receive acupuncture 7 days a week (Sundays and bank holidays for embryo transfer only). We ensure that we can always see patients around embryo transfer and run a flexible system that allows this to be arranged at short notice.


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