Breaking Down the Barriers – Let’s Talk About Fertility

    #worldfertilityday – ‘Education, empowerment and understanding.’   This week is National Fertility Week in the UK and Fertility Network UK are leading with the tag line #YouAreNotAlone this year. This journey is often lonely and isolating, and being able to talk openly about your thoughts, feelings and emotions is hugely important. People are Continue reading »

It takes two to make a baby

  Sounds obvious doesn’t it?! So why does it so often seem like the conversations surrounding infertility focus mainly on women and their ‘issues’? It can sometimes feel like the woman takes the brunt of the strain and has to make most of the changes in order to improve a couple’s chances of having their Continue reading »

Improving your AMH level through a healthy lifestyle

  When a couple struggles to conceive naturally and they begin investigations into their fertility, it can feel like an extensive line of blood tests and screenings, with so much hope and anticipation hanging on each result. One such test looks at the female’s AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) level and is a marker of her ovarian Continue reading »


Testimonials  “From the very first phone call, my experience with The Natural Fertility Clinic has been excellent. Katy was so warm and friendly and put me totally at ease from the moment I met her. Her in-depth knowledge of fertility challenges, mixed with her own experience means that she offers practical advice as well as Continue reading »

An Egg Sharer’s Story

An Egg Sharer’s Story – By Emma Miller-McCaffrey After a year and a half of trying the more risky option of trying to find a known donor willing to perform home insemination and being disappointed on several occasions I decided emotionally I could no longer have my dream of starting a family left in the hands Continue reading »

Support Groups

Support Groups Those that have suffered the pain of sub fertility will know that sometimes friends and family have the very best intentions but often find it difficult to be supportive. With the stress of fertility issues being likened to that of severe depression, heart disease or cancer, online and face to face support groups Continue reading »

IVF – What to Expect

IVF – What to Expect Sometimes, when we want to conceive it takes a little longer than we were expecting. Sometimes we need a bit of help to conceive and sometimes we need a lot of help. The good news is there are techniques that will help us, using reflexology, acupuncture, nutrition, and western medicine. Continue reading »

Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus changes throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle give us so many clues to our overall fertile health. It is an efficient, free, and easy way to detect whether you are fertile (the ability to conceive) each month. This may seem one of those rather awkward, cringe worthy aspects of fertility health, but I can’t Continue reading »