Baby Reflexology


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Baby Reflexology  is a gentle, natural and effective technique of applying reflexology to babies and toddlers so that parents can play a part in their infant’s health.

  • Baby Reflex™ is a short training course showing parents ( and there caregivers) how they can use these simple reflexology techniques.
  • Baby Reflex™ can help improve sleeping patterns and is also helps to calm the baby.
  • Baby Reflex™ can be used to improve the symptoms of colic and ease teething pain.
  • Baby reflex™ complements the natural bonding between mother and baby.
  • The baby reflex™ techniques have been developed from fifteen years’ research into the best practice of the application of Reflexology to young children.
  • Baby reflex™ techniques can be used at any time or anywhere – all you need to access are those wonderful feet and toes.


Baby Reflexology Workshop

The workshop is broken down in to three weekly sessions, lastly around 1-1.5 hours. Over the three weeks the following will be taught.

Week 1 – Sleeping and comfort
Week 2 – Digestion and feeding
Week 3 – General Well Being (includes teething, ears & sinus)

Classes are generally for 4-6 parents and babies, although I can also teach on an individual 1:1 basis if preferred. At each session we will practice techniques on each other before applying the techniques to your baby at the end of the session.

You will receive full reflexology charts to take away with you so that you confidentialy practice at home.

Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 


  • Group course over three weeks . If there are over 4 people the cost will be £45 per person. Venue: At your home.
  • 1:1 1 Session ( covering all three weeks in 60-90 minutes ) £50
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Watch our Baby Reflex Video

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Recent Testimonials from past attendees


” Verity and Katy give a comprehensive guide to Baby Reflexology in a warm and friendly learning environment, Sherlock loved every second of the lessons” Caroline, Crowthorne

“We thoroughly enjoyed our Baby Reflex course. Reggie found the treatments so relaxing and the majority of the points are now part of our daily routine. Verity and Katy are natural teachers and made the routines uncomplicated and easy to follow. Thank you so much ! ” Jen, Reading

“A wonderful course, relaxing and beneficial for both mother and baby” Charlotte, Woodley


“Absolutely loved the course. Verity and Katy have been great at sharing me fab techniques to help baby, I feel confident I can help soothe her with what I have learnt” Lisa, Maidenhead


“We have really enjoyed the past three weeks. I have found it very interesting and very rewarding that I can help my child in this way. Thank you”. Lauren, Wokingham