Verity and Katy welcome you to The Natural Fertility Clinic, offering a wide range of fertility and maternity treatments, including reflexology, acupuncture and specialist massage in addition to in-depth assessments on best use of complementary therapies, lifestyle changes and further investigations to optimise the chances of conception.

Left: Verity Paz, Right: Katy Fello

Founders Verity Paz and Katy Flello are natural fertility specialists, who have overcome their own fertility struggles. With qualifications in complementary therapies, nutrition and natural family planning plus years of working with patients suffering from a wide range of hormonal conditions, we understand infertility can be very isolating and having someone treat you that understands both the emotional and physical challenges can be of great support. Our highly experienced team of therapists treat those trying to conceive naturally, or through assisted conception techniques, and are dedicated to supporting patients through different stages of the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) process.

The journey to conception can be a long one. With the strain of fertility issues being likened to severe depression, heart disease or cancer, complementary therapies can help reduce the physical and emotional stresses that can occur during this time. Our clinic offers the opportunity for regular interaction and ongoing, in-depth discussion of your experiences along the way, in a patient-focused environment. Appointments with GPs and consultants can be all too brief, appointments where it can be hard to express overwhelming emotions. We believe everyone struggling to conceive needs access to help, support, lifestyle advice and treatments that relieve stress and balance the body.

Our converted barn in a village on the outskirts of Wokingham offers a welcoming and safe space where you can consult with our impartial therapists, offering a gateway and signposting to a wealth of fertility knowledge. Using our services may help identify symptoms you may find difficult to talk about or may otherwise stay hidden, so we hope to help overcome fertility issues faster.

We also offer our treatments through two assisted conception clinics on their premises at the Oxford Fertility Clinic and Thames Valley Fertility, both members of the Fertility Partnership (one of the largest providers of IVF in the UK) who we are proud to partner with.

Complementary therapies can bring benefits by balancing all the body’s systems, particularly the hormonal system. Balance in a woman’s or man’s emotional and physical well-being is extremely important in the attempt to conceive. By encouraging the body to work more efficiently it can create a healthier environment for possible pregnancy to occur.

Whether you are seeking treatments, information on the correct times to attempt conception, or what foods and supplements may boost your chances, we have the knowledge to empower, and a dedicated team waiting to help you understand, optimise and enhance fertility.

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