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Verity and Katy welcome you to The Natural Fertility Clinic, offering a wide range of maternity and fertility treatments, including acupuncture, reflexology, clinical hypnotherapy and fertility massage in addition to in-depth assessments on best use of complementary therapies, lifestyle changes and further investigations to optimise the chances of conception.

Founders Verity Paz and Katy Flello are natural fertility specialists, who have overcome their own fertility struggles. With qualifications in complementary therapies, nutrition and natural family planning plus years of working with patients suffering from a wide range of hormonal conditions, we understand infertility can be very isolating and having someone treat you that understands both the emotional and physical challenges can be of great support. Our highly experienced team of therapists treat those trying to conceive naturally, or through assisted conception techniques, and are dedicated to supporting patients through different stages of the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) process.

The journey to conception can be a long one. With the strain of fertility issues being likened to severe depression, heart disease or cancer, complementary therapies can help reduce the physical and emotional stresses that can occur during this time. Our clinic offers the opportunity for regular interaction and ongoing, in-depth discussion of your experiences along the way, in a patient-focused environment. Appointments with GPs and consultants can be all too brief, appointments where it can be hard to express overwhelming emotions. We believe everyone struggling to conceive needs access to help, support, lifestyle advice and treatments that relieve stress and balance the body.


Left: Verity Paz, Right: Katy Fello

Our Fertility Treatments

Our converted barn in a village on the outskirts of Wokingham offers a welcoming and safe space where you can consult with our impartial therapists, offering a gateway and signposting to a wealth of fertility knowledge. Using our services may help identify symptoms you may find difficult to talk about or may otherwise stay hidden, so we hope to help overcome fertility issues faster.

We also offer our fertility treatments through two assisted conception clinics on their premises at the Oxford Fertility Clinic and Thames Valley Fertility, both members of the Fertility Partnership (one of the largest providers of IVF in the UK) who we are proud to partner with.

Complementary therapies can bring benefits by balancing all the body’s systems, particularly the hormonal system. Balance in a woman’s or man’s emotional and physical well-being is extremely important in the attempt to conceive. By encouraging the body to work more efficiently it can create a healthier environment for possible pregnancy to occur.

Here at The Natural Fertility Clinic, we have a wealth of experience in treating our patients with Acupuncture, Reflexology and Fertility Massage. Our amazing acupuncturists are all trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture meaning they have all undergone a three-year science degree (BSc) at the local college in Reading, Berkshire. All our therapies work wonderfully on their own or together. These treatments have been used successfully for centuries and can promote a deep sense of relaxation and balance. We use a very holistic approach, and each treatment is unique to the person. Often people ask us what is best for me, we simply say,  try them all and see what you respond best to, after all we are all very different.

Whether you are seeking fertility treatments, information on the correct times to attempt conception, or what foods and supplements may boost your chances, we have the knowledge to empower, and a dedicated team waiting to help you understand, optimise and enhance fertility.

From the very first phone call, my experience with The Natural Fertility Clinic has been excellent. Katy was so warm and friendly and put me totally at ease from the moment I met her. Her in-depth knowledge of fertility challenges, mixed with her own experience means that she offers practical advice as well as effective therapy treatments that really work. After just two months of receiving reflexology, fertility massage and changing my diet as advised by Katy I was pregnant for the first time – having been trying for over 15 months. I highly recommend Katy & The Natural Fertility Clinic – they are fantastic.

Kirsty, Warfield

Karolina is so supportive and very attentive after only 3 appointments I already feel that she is fully behind me and our fertility journey, even asking to be kept informed of our transfer date whilst she is on holiday

Amy, Maidenhead

I have been seeing Katy once a week for an hours fertility massage leading up to my frozen embryo transfer. I hadn’t heard much about fertility massage until I came across The Natural Fertility Clinic website. Very intrigued about it, I spoke to Katy over the phone where we had a chat about the cycle I was about to have and the benefits of massage and Katy managed to book me in for the following week. My first session was so interesting. Katy told me a lot about my digestive system and gave me some great advice on certain probiotics to take. The massage itself was so relaxing and as the weeks went on I found myself falling asleep half way through.
As you know with IVF you must have a good thick womb lining ready for implantation. The nurse at the IVF clinic told me that I had a really good thick lining and still a way to go before transfer and I truly believe that these massages are helping with increasing blood flow. I would recommend anyone going through IVF to give this a try. It’s very relaxing and you learn a lot about your own body as you go along. Thank you Katy for being so lovely and helping me relax at this very stressful time!

Jo, Bracknell

Verity has been treating me from the start of our IVF journey and at 38 weeks pregnant I know I’ll be seeing up to and way beyond the birth. I know her kindness, professional approach & knowledge has had a hugely positive impact on our conception and my pregnancy. I always leave feeling back in balance, relaxed and healthy.

Anne was incredibly accommodating. I had an embryo transfer on a Saturday ad she was able to squeeze me in both before and afterwards. She was calm, reassuring and exactly what was needed on the day. Thank you

Karolina was very thorough and made me feel at ease… the session was really relaxing and looking forward to the next one!

Morning Katy, as well as the better sleeping . I think you may have sorted my tummy!. From being constipated every day for a year to going normally twice every day since my treatment is something I would never have expected . I am so so grateful.

Lisa, Wokingham

I have been working closely with Katy and Verity throughout our fertility journey over a 16 month period, making changes here and there to my system through reflexology, taking supplements and diet. Earlier in the Summer, I booked an appointment with Katy for a Fertility Abdominal Massage.

Katy’s clinic is lovely. Cosy and quiet and tucked away in a way that really makes you feel like you are stepping away from your day to day chaos. We talked at length about all of the things I had tried already and where we were with regards to tests and consultant visits.

The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing! Katy is a very confident and caring practitioner who really knows and cares about her patients and the treatments they receive. I left the session wishing I could stay for another hour, but alas, my time was up.

The purpose of this testimonial is really to let you know that exactly one week later I ovulated and fell pregnant that very same cycle! I am now 16 weeks pregnant with our first, long awaited baby. We are, as you can imagine – elated!

There were undoubtedly a number of elements to why it happened when it did. But I truly believe that Katy’s treatment was certainly a part of that magic combination! Thank you Katy, and also to Verity for all the help and support you have provided”.

Keri, Wokigham

Katy made me and my partner feel comfortable and relaxed from the very start. I felt like she really understood what I had been going through, and all the stress and struggles having trouble with conceiving can bring. She was very knowledgeable – I learnt far more from Katy that I had from any doctor I had seen in the previous two years! The fertility massage was incredibly relaxing and Katy explained everything behind what she was doing and the reasons for doing each different technique. Incredibly after two treatments with Katy I fell pregnant after trying for two years! We cannot thank her enough for all she has done for us. Would highly recommend Katy to anybody

Jo, Hook

Karolina is very friendly and professional. She always makes me feel at ease and is very kind and professional, going out of her way to support me with weekend treatments when I had my embryo transfer. I am definitely noticing the difference of her treatments on my general well being and also my cycle, I would highly recommend her to anyone considering treatment.

Once again I have left Verity feeling like a brand new human being.She is warm, a fountain of knowledge and exceptional at what she does. I truly believe that Verity’s care and treatments helped us to have our precious baby girl. I recommend her so highly and urge anyone who is struggling with there fertility or wellbeing to see her.


I have been seeing Karolina for a few weeks now. She is really friendly and knowledgeable. She treated me yesterday and the results were amazing. I was having shoulder pain and after the treatment the pain was gone! She also treated my sore throat and the pain also vanished. I am new to acupuncture but am I truly converted with my results. After my treatments I always feel relaxed and happier.

Highly recommend acupuncture to anyone considering it, it’s my favourite time of the week, Anne is so lovely and offers great advice as well as a calming and relaxing session

Laura, Wokingham

Karolina has been amazing throughout my ivf cycle. Today was transfer day and she went out of her way to ensure she could see me. She has been such a calming and positive influence on me during what has been a stressful time.

Zoe, Maidenhea

I first started seeing Verity after trying to naturally conceive for almost two years. Verity started treating me with fertility reflexology but simultaneously managed to to get my migraines in control! Three months after our first meet, my husband and I conceived! 20 weeks pregnant and I continue to get my ‘fix’ with Verity and will absolutely continue, even after out little one is born! Thank you Verity for being only not an amazing therapist, but a wonderful friend!


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