10 Reasons to Do Yoga for Fertility

10 Reasons to Do Yoga for Fertility

As a Yoga teacher specialising in well-woman yoga therapy, I am often asked “how can Yoga help with fertility?”. So, here is my list of 10 reasons to do Yoga for Fertility when you are trying to conceive.

10) Physical Strength The postures in yoga (Asanas) help with all three components of fitness; strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning, without draining the body. This contributes to maintaining a healthy weight and balance of hormones.

9) Meditation – Letting Go – Acceptance Meditation is one of the fundamental steps of Yoga. In the same way we train our muscles we can learn new techniques to train our brains, becoming able let go of thoughts and the emotions that are attached to them. This provides tranquillity even in the most turbulent times.

 8) Be in the Present Moment The past cannot be changed and the future is always a dream, yet our minds are always pulling us backwards or forwards creating unease such as anxiety, anger or fear. Yoga connects us to the present observing each moment as it is; come out of your head and into the now.

7) Make Happy Hips Hips deserve a mention all of their own. Tight hips can create tension and restrict circulation and energy to your womb and pelvis. Yoga for Fertility encourages the hips to open gently.

 6) Balance Your Koshas Yoga looks at a person holistically, often using the 5 Koshas model of “layers of being”. In reality all of these layers are interconnected and a mental imbalance of stress, for example, can affect your physical body.

 5) Hormones Yoga is great for improving hormonal function, toning, massaging and increasing circulation to the whole endocrine system.

 4) Chakras The second chakra is particularly relevant when it comes to matters of conception and Yoga for Fertility uses both physical and energetic techniques to make sure this chakra is flowing optimally.

 3) The Power of Yoga Nidra and Sankalpa I cannot overstate the importance and power of your intention. Yoga Nidra is a meditative state of profound relaxation. In this deeply nourishing state we are able to send positive messages to our subconscious brain using a positive resolution or “Sankalpa”. A Sankalpa could be your lifelong dream or you can use it just to make it through the next day if that is what you need.

 2) Breathing, It’s The Key Learning how to breathe effectively and consciously is a great coping technique. It gives increased energy and relaxation. When we are able to exert control over our breath it is “an intermediary between the mind and body (Sovik, 2000).” See here

Okay, so No.’s 2) – 10) are not strictly in order of importance. It all depends on which areas are stronger or weaker…and this is a dynamic balance that changes month-to-month, even day-to-day and particularly according to where we are in a cycle. No. 1); however, really does need to be the top priority.

1) Relaxation and Stress Relief All too often relaxation nowadays actually involves lots of mental and emotional stimulation. Reading, running, watching telly, chatting with friends, dancing or listening to music, for example, are all beautiful, joyful and necessary activities but none of them give our brains and bodies the time they need to switch off and come into a nourishing replenishing state. The biggest benefit of all is learning specific relaxation techniques that work on a physiological level; reducing the stress hormones and changing the brainwave activity.

Any one of the reasons listed will help, but put together Yoga for Fertility teaches many techniques that you can use whenever you need to which is practical and empowering!

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