• Welcome

    Verity and Katy would like to welcome you to The Natural Fertility Clinic. Offering you Fertility Reflexology,  Acupuncture and Fertility Massage. We have worked with lots patients suffering from a wide range of hormonal issues and conditions  and have helped many couples in the local area and beyond to conceive.




    Each patient is seen as an individual, with a treatment plan that is tailored to both their physical and emotional needs.


    Our specialist and experienced team provide exceptional treatments, care and support to enhance your chances of conception.







  • Our Team

    Our highly experienced and specialist team work from our dedicated treatment facilities in Wokingham, Oxford Fertility and Thames Valley Fertility to help support you through your fertility journey, whether you are trying naturally or  via assisted conception. Contact us today.






  • How can we help you?

    We can provide support, advice and understanding on your fertility journey, whether natural or assisted, including IVF and ICSI. We can help even if IVF did not work, you do not ovulate, you have PCOS or endometriosis high FSH and low AMH.