Ann Lawrence

Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

I retrained as a counsellor and hypnotherapist after spending more than 20 years working as a teacher specializing (in the later years) in working with children and families who were facing emotional difficulties.

My special interest in hypnosis for fertility (in particular unexplained infertility) and hypnosis for childbirth grew when I witnessed first hand the difference this complementary therapy made.  I looked at the depth of research evidence and decided to train immediately.

I strongly believe, and have seen the evidence with clients, that hypnotherapy can help clear the emotional blockages that can block your fertility path.   For example, a fear of needles, being sick, a fear of childbirth, being a bad mum, fear of miscarriage, can all prevent the necessary hormones being released by the brain that facilitate fertility.  Hypnotherapy can help clear the way and enable the client to enhance their chances of fertility

Preparation for IVF is essential, clients invest much in this process emotionally and financially and they owe it to themselves to be the best prepared they can be both physically and emotionally.  Having helped to run a support group for infertility I heard many stories and am completely in awe of the tremendous challenge that both men and women face on their journey to fertility. I offer programmes of support tailored to meet your needs.

I have seen the dramatic positive difference that hypnosis for childbirth can have at first hand.  Giving birth to a child is amazing, the most magical time in your life, a natural process that your body is completely designed to manage.  Sadly childbirth has become more and more medicalised over the years; hypnosis for childbirth gives confidence and control back to the mother, it puts you in a better place to make good reflective decisions when in labour using visualisations and self hypnosis to work with your body rather than against it.



DHP              Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Dip.Couns.   Diploma in Counselling (solution focused and CBT)

CHPF           Certified Hypnotic Practitioner in Fertility

CHPHC        Certified Hypnotic Birthing Practitioner

EFT Practitioner

NLP Practitioner


I am a member of the professional bodies BACP and APHP